4240 East Amberwood Drive

Phoenix AZ 85048

PHONE   480.229.1512

FAX   480.448.0200



4 Responses to “CONTACT US”

  1. Lorry Peterson Says:

    Dr. Laine,

    I have a BA in English Writing and LIterature and am interested in getting a MA in Christian Counseling. I have been a missionary in China (4 yrs.) and Turkey (10 yrs.). I have ‘mentored’ many women over the years and am currently working with a missions organization in their Third Culture Kid (TCK) and Family Ministry department. I feel the need and desire to have a professional degree so that I can better serve the Lord in my areas of gifting.

    I am writing to ask your advice on MA programs (preferably online) and to better understand the value of accreditation and /or licensing by the NAAC.

    If you have time for questions and dialog via email I would appreciate it.

    Lorry Peterson

    • Alice Lee Laine Says:

      Hi Lorry,

      I would recommend http://WWW.NCCA.ORG. The National Christian Counselors Association offers degree programs on line, and licenses and certifies Christian Counselors internationally. They offer an excellent education at reasonable rates with continuing support.

      Dr. Laine

  2. Julie Says:

    Dr. Laine, do you have any recommendations for counselors in the Atlanta area in Georgia?

    • Alice Lee Laine Says:

      Dear Julie:
      I’m sorry, but Dr. Laine does not have any contacts that he can recommend in the Atlanta area. You may want to check with the National Christian Counselors Association at We hope that will be helpful to you.
      Alice Lee Laine

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